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Chal Baie Artisans Boutique

Buy Local in Bathurst: Chal Baie Artisans Boutique

Come and feast your eyes on the treasures of our community at Chal-Baie

The City of Bathurst supports the Chal-Baie Artisan Boutique in order to provide a low-cost retail space for local artists and artisans. The boutique was created by local artisans through an initiative that began more than 5 years ago. Its goal is to showcase the work of artisans from the Bathurst area and other parts of New Brunswick and to provide them with a space where they can market their high-end products. An essential element of the boutique's operation is giving visitors a firsthand interactive experience with the artisans. 

Come and meet the artisans; many of them create their products right in the boutique. The boutique displays and sells works by over twenty artisans every year. 

You will be amazed at the range of products: jewelry, stained glass, mobiles, woodwork, soaps, textiles, knitting (s) and many other creations. 

Located at La Promenade Waterfront - 24 Douglas Avenue, Bathurst, NB 


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