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3 Must-Ride Snowmobile Loops in Northern N. B.

This season, visit Northern New Brunswick’s snowmobile hub!

 Published Dec 07

The snowmobile season has officially begun, and there's no better time to start planning your winter escapade in the Chaleur Region.

In this story, two experts shared three of their favourite loop recommendations with us. We've also paired them with three top-notch accommodations renowned among sledders.

Come try one (or all!) of these loops; they’re yours to discover!

Loop 1: Road to Piston Alley

(1 day, including return trip; about 280 km)

For our first loop, we asked Dave Brewster, Vice President of the Nepisiguit Sports Lodge, to lay out a cool trip for us.

Here’s what our seasoned snowmobiler came up with:

The best starting point for this trip is at the Atlantic Host. While you’re there, have a great breakfast at their restaurant and prepare for a nice day out on the impeccably groomed trails.

From the hotel’s site, take trail 19 North in direction of the Chaleur Snowmobile Club. Stop at the club for a coffee and a chat with other snowmobile enthusiasts.

Hop on trail 19 again and then turn right on trail 22, which will lead you to Island Lake Lodge, where you can have a rest, tank up and have a snack or a comforting lunch.

Take some time to relax and admire the fantastic winter scenery by the frozen lake.

Take back trail 22 South to get to 19 West and turn left on trail 503. You’ll then reach beautiful trail 23 East that runs along the shoreline of the Nepisiguit River.

As you reach trail 23 arriving from 503, you’ll ride on a section of the trail that is referred to as “Piston Alley”, a wide and relatively straight passage that is about 30 km long between Governors Lodge and Rogers Lake Lodge, both found on this trail.

This passage is well appreciated by snowmobile fanatics as it allows them to let their engines do the talking.

This trail also allows you to marvel at beautiful elevations nearby, especially if you decide to go explore down by Serpentine Lake. (Trail 23 West and trail 58)

To get back to Bathurst, you can take trail 23 East to reach Rogers Lake Lodge where you’ll find food, gas and a nice place to rest.

Finish your ride on trail 19 North that will lead you back to Bathurst. On your way, drop by the Nepisiguit Sports Lodge to say hi!

Store your sled away and then go eat at one of our many local restaurants.

  • Starting point: Atlantic Host on trail 19 North
  • Coffee break at Chaleur Snowmobile Club
  • Reach Island Lake Lodge via trail 19 and trail 22
  • Take trails 22 South, 19 West and 503 to reach trail 23
  • Take trail 23 East to get to Rogers Lake Lodge for a rest
  • Visit Dave’s club on your way back to Bathurst!
  • Get back to Bathurst on trail 19 and relax with a great meal

Accommodation suggestion # 1: Atlantic Host


[Atlantic Host Hotel]

Well-known for its remarkable snowmobile-centred services, the Atlantic Host is a favourite among hard-core snowmobilers. With their venue directly located on trail 19, the hotel’s owner and staff know all about snowmobilers’ needs.

They provide secure indoor sled parking, loading ramps, heated repair bays, pressure wash and fuel on-site. Their double occupancy snowmobile package also includes breakfast.

You can also enjoy their indoor pool and sauna by night or hang out with friends at the lounge.

(Just like their slogan says: always the perfect host!)

Their staff will always welcome you with a smile and cater to your needs. They also have a wonderful restaurant that includes a great selection of seafood dishes.

Here’s the review that Michelle B left on TripAdvisor about her experience at this hotel:

“Just want to say that if you are sledding or just visiting the area this place is amazing. Very clean, great staff, delicious food. Great little bar area that serves the  same food as the beautiful restaurant.”

Loop 2: Sweet ride around the Sugarloaf

(1 day, including return trip; about 400 km)